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Hassell District Traders are your local seed specialists and are highly committed to providing high quality seed to their customers. Quality seed and correct variety selection is paramount to ensure growers maximize production and returns. The Hassells seed business is very focused around finding the correct varieties that suit the agronomic fit for the south coast.

Hassell District Traders provides the following services to its clients:

Pasture Seed

We have access to the full range of pasture seeds, Lucerne’s, Clovers, Medics, Grasses, and all specialty lines as requested, and will only sell quality certified seed. Innoculation and coating are an important requirement and we have access to all peat and dry formulations.

Canola, Cereal and Pulse Seed

Hassell District Traders have access to a full range of Canola, cereal and pulse seeds, including PBR, Proprietary and Public varieties.  As we are a Roundup Ready TSP we also have access to all your Roundup Ready canola varieties.

Hassell District Traders is highly committed to working closely with their farmers in conducting variety trials. We also have close ties with our suppliers and are actively involved in company trial work as well as NVT trials.


Our Key Supplier Partners are:





Hassells Happening's

Agronomy Meeting @ Swarbrick's May 2016

in Canola looking at a herbicide trial.

Agronomy meeting @ Edmonds June 2016

in wheat discussing up and coming strategies.

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